The State of Your Health summit is now OVER! Some of the world's top Health and Wellness experts joined us for the event and delivered life changing presentations. You can still make the summit your own and have lifetime access to all the recordings, MP3 audios, transcripts and some of the bonus's. Click HERE for details.

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Derrick de Silva
Andrew Saul
Dr David Perlmutter
Helen Saul Case
Dr Josh Axe
Sayer Ji
Dr Kelly Brogan
Abel James
Mark David

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Tom O'Bryan's The Gluten Truth

Tom O'Bryan offers this gift of his Power Hour with Dr. Jeffrey Bland and Dr. Deanna Minich,  a block buster trilogy of experts discussing the scientific facts about gluten sensitivity, ancient versus modern grains and why we are affected, and more. Plus three favorite scientific articles from Dr. Tom O'Bryan and a $10 off coupon for

That Vitamin Movie - See It First!

The long awaited documentary "That Vitamin Movie" will be released on 1st January 2016. You can be among the first to see it when we send you a special PREVIEW code so you can view the finished movie anytime after Christmas Day. We will also give you an exclusive translation of the Transcript in either English, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Chinese or Russian!

23 Fat Burning Hacks

Abel James, the Fat Burning Man, will show you how to drop fat with chocolate, bacon, and cheesecake. Plus, learn the 3 worst foods you should NEVER eat and the 7 best exercises for rapid fat loss, all in this downloadable book.

The Wisdom of Food

Unpack the power and potential of food for healing, happiness and  smart living with founder and summit host Sayer Ji. Based on years of research and science into the transformative properties of food this special webinar will provide the tools for wise eating.

Overcoming Thyroid Fatigue

Dr Izabella Wentz presents this Thyroid ebook which has been read by many thousands of people. It addresses possible causes and cures of various Thyroid problems.

14 tips to sleep better tonight

A brand new, never offered before ebook from Dr Frank Lipman. If you have trouble sleeping on a regular basis, this ebook could well hold the secrets to getting a better rest during those crucial hours of darkness.

5 x $199 Pro Memberships to GreenMedInfo

An incredible opportunity to win one of 5 coveted memberships to GreenMedInfo, each worth $199.

The draw for the 5 memberships will take place
during Sayer Ji's Q&A session in January.

That will be an amazing start to the New Year for 5 lucky people.

Up to $50 off the web's #1 Vitamin Course

For 2 years now Andrew Saul has been delivering the "MegaVitamin Formula" ecourse. Hundreds of people have gone through the course, which features a Q&A element with the author himself. We are offering from $30 to $50 off the course, depending which level you enrol at. This bonus alone means this summit's Power Package is almost paid for.

A Q&A webinar with Sayer Ji

Money can't buy you this kind of access. Sayer Ji does not do LIVE Q&A's for anyone else. Join us after Christmas for a Q&A webinar where you can submit the questions. Ask him anything - within reason! :) The webinar will be watchable on your private membership site.

A Q&A webinar with Andrew Saul

Andrew Saul featured in the movie Food Matters and is the main character in the new Documentary, "That Vitamin Movie". The only time he does live Q&A is as part of his exclusive MegaVitamin Formula Course, so this is a rare occurrence.  The webinar will take place in January and will be part of your membership site with the Power Package.

Andrew Saul's 90 minute Cancer Webinar

Andrew Saul sat down in late 2015 and recorded a 90 minute Q&A session with all the questions related to cancer, it's prevention and treatment. It was a value packed session from start to finish. You get immediate access with the Power Package.